5 Limestone crushers make benefits to limestone plant

2023-03-03 | Author: SBM

The crushed limestone particles has a variety of particle sizes and specifications to meet various construction needs, and is an essential raw material for all sectors of the national economy and people's lives. Therefore, the market demand for limestone crusher is increasing.

The ideal limestone crusher on the market are limestone jaw crusher, limestone impact crusher, limestone cone crusher, limestone sand making machine, limestone mobile crusher.

In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned limestone crushers to help you choose the suitable one.

Applications of crushed limestone particles

0-5mm (machine-made sand): commonly used for preparing concrete and cement mortar;

5-10mm: also called 5-1 stone, it is super fine limestone particles;

10-20mm: also called 1/2 stone, commonly used for surface highway and small volume concrete configuration;

16-31.5mm: also called 1/3 stone, commonly used for road laying, large engineering foundation pouring and concrete mixing, etc.

Limestone jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is commonly used coarse crushing equipment; it is the primary crushing of limestone raw material. As one of the key products of SBM, various types of jaw crushers are mainly used in the front crushing process of limestone crushing production line, which can be used individually or together with other crushing products.

Feeding size: 0-1200mm

Discharge size: 20-300mm

Capacity: max to 1510t/h

limestone jaw crusher

Advantages of limestone jaw crusher

Disadvantages of limestone jaw crusher

Because of the large inertia force, the load and vibration are large, therefore the foundation is required to be firm (5~10 times of the equipment weight);

When the feeding is uneven, it is easy to block the crushing chamber.

Limestone impact crusher

The limestone impact crusher organically combines the crushing principles of strike, impact, centrifugal impact, shearing and grinding, so as to make full and effective use of its energy and crushing cavity.

Feeding size: 0-1300mm

Capacity: max to 2100t/h

Advantages of impact crusher

Disadvantages of limestone impact crusher

Limestone cone crusher

Cone crusher is one of the most commonly used crushing equipment at present and it is also one of the key products of SBM. With the development of the market, there are many types of products at home and abroad, and the performance of each type of crusher is different. Among them, HPT series cone crusher is one of the most competitive core equipment in the market, and it has been widely praised by customers since introduced to the market.

limestone cone crusher

Feeding size: 0-560mm

Discharge size: 4-64mm

Capacity: max to 2130t/h

Advantages of limestone cone crusher

Disadvantages of limestone cone crusher

Limestone sand making machine

With the increasing demand for large-scale, intensive, energy conservation and environmental protection and high-quality machine-made sand in the sand and gravel market, SBM further optimize the structure and function of the vertical shaft impact crusher.

limestone sand making machine

SBM new type limestone sand making machine has the functions of sand making and shaping. It can be used for producing limestone particles with good cubical shape when the granular shape requirements are high. Also, it can be used to produce machine-made sand with good gradation.

Feeding size: 0-50mm

Capacity: max to 839t/h

Advantages of limestone sand making machine

Disadvantages of limestone sand making machine

Limestone mobile crusher

Limestone mobile crusher is a crusher that can be easily moved on the basis of fixed crusher and equipped with tire or crawler vehicle-mounted device.

Limestone mobile crusher can be equipped with jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and other crushers to crush different raw materials and to meet the different production requirement of different customers.

limestone mobile crusher

Advantages of limestone mobile crusher

Disadvantages of limestone mobile crusher

Comparison of 4 crushing processes of limestone

At present, 4 crushing processes and equipment are generally adopted for limestone aggregate crushing. The advantages and disadvantages of these four processes are analyzed as follows:

Jaw crusher+ impact crusher

This process is widely used. The process is mature and reasonable, with high operation rate and moderate equipment investment.

The advantages are that the product variety proportion is easy to adjust, the product grain size is good, and the powder is less.

The disadvantage is that the energy consumption of per unit product is high.

Impact crusher+ impact crusher

In China, it is a process developed after the primary crushing impact crusher is mature, characterized by short process, high operation rate and moderate equipment investment. The content of stone powder is low, and the grain size of finished aggregate is excellent.

Hammer crusher+ hammer crusher

The process is simple and the equipment investment is low. However, the operation rate is low and there are many powdery materials. With the wear of the hammer head, the output capacity will be greatly reduced. When the hammer head is half worn, the output may even be reduced by 50%.

Jaw crusher+ cone crusher

In this process, hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used, which adopts laminated crushing principle. The content of needle and flake particles is low, and the proportion of powder in the product is low.

Moreover, the operation cost is low, and the mantle and concave only need to be replaced once a year under normal conditions.

The disadvantage is that the initial investment of the project is relatively high.

When selecting crusher for limestone aggregate production line, market factors, product quality and comprehensive operation cost of the production line must be taken into consideration and suitable customized scheme shall be selected according to local conditions.

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