Barite is a common mineral of barium. Its composition is barium sulfate, Mohs hardness is 3-3.5, specific gravity is 4.0-4.6.

Barite Grinding Processing

1. Crushing stage: Barite raw ore is crushed to feed fineness (15mm-50mm) of the mill.
2. Grinding stage: Small pieces satisfying the grinding conditions are grinded into powder in the grinding chamber.
3. Classification stage: The material after grinding is classified by the separator.
4. Pulverizing stage: Fine powder enters the pulverizing system. The finished powder is sent to the intermediate silo.

Core Equipment


Application & Specification

Application: used in chemical, glass and other industries

Production Fineness: 60mesh

It can be used in chemical, glass and other industries.

Application: used in sewage treatment

Production Fineness: 200mesh D97

It can be used in sewage treatment.

3. Application: as an additive

Production Fineness: 325mesh D85

As a circulating mud additive in rotary drilling of oil and gas wells.

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