Hematite is a kind of weak magnetic iron ore, which is mainly divided into single hematite, polymetallic hematite and mixed magnetite hematite.

Hematite Crushing Processing

1. Single hematite
(1) Magnetization roasting and magnetic separation
Roasting magnetic separation is one of the effective methods for separating fine hematite (less than 0.02mm).
(2) Gravity separation, flotation, high intensity magnetic separation
Flotation is one of the common methods for separating fine hematite. Gravity separation and high-intensity magnetic separation are mainly used for the separation of coarse (2-20mm) and medium-sized hematite ores.
2. Polymetallic hematite
This kind of ore generally uses gravity separation, flotation, high intensity magnetic separation or other combined processes to recover iron ore, and flotation to recover phosphorus or sulfide.
3. Magnetite-hematite (siderite) iron ore
(1) Single Magnetite-hematite (siderite)
There are two methods for this kind of ore: one is the combined process of weak magnetic separation and gravity separation, flotation and high magnetic separation. The second is the combined process of magnetic roasting and magnetic separation or other mineral processing methods.
(2) Polymetallic magnetite-hematite (siderite) iron ore
The beneficiation method of this kind of ore is more complicated in iron ore. Generally, the combined process of weak magnetic separation and other mineral processing methods is used.

Core Equipment


Application & Specification

Application: used as mineral pigment

Production Fineness: 0-15mm

Iron oxide can be used as mineral pigment.

Application: used in medical field

Production Fineness: 0-15mm

Hematite is named ochre, and its alias is nail-head ochre, red stone and red ochre. Efficacy: treating hyperactivity of liver-yang, inhibiting vomiting, removing fever and hemostasis.

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