Rock Gold

The minerals of gold deposits can be divided into three categories: gold minerals, gold-bearing minerals and gold-carrying minerals.

Rock Gold Crushing Processing

1. Reelection
Gravity beneficiation is a method of differentiating ore concentration according to mineral density. The main equipment used are chute, shaker, jig and short cone cyclone.
2. Flotation
Flotation is one of the widely used methods to treat vein gold ores in gold concentrators. Flotation processes are also used to treat polymetallic gold-bearing ores, such as gold-copper, gold-lead, etc.
3. Chemical gold separation
The main chemical separation methods are mercury mixing process and cyanide process. Mercury-mixed gold extraction process is economical but pollutes the environment greatly. The cyanide process includes several basic processes, such as cyanide leaching and washing.
4. Heap leaching
Heap leaching process has economic benefits. In fact, heap leaching is to heap gold-bearing ores on impermeable sites and leach them with cyanide solution.

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