C5X Jaw Crusher

Input Size


Applicable Material
Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore
Technical Consultation

Improved Motion Characteristics for Better Performance

The C5X Jaw Crusher boasts superior motion characteristics and crushing chamber, featuring a larger stroke and higher speeds that significantly enhance crushing efficiency. Furthermore, the toggle plate is scientifically configured and the movable jaw's structure is optimized to ensure the crusher's performance is fully optimized.

Scientific Cavity for Higher Crushing Efficiency

The optimized movable jaw has better kinematic characteristics. When combined with a large stroke and steep toggle, it facilitates a greater stroke at the bottom of the crushing cavity. This, in turn, leads to a more robust material throughput and a substantial enhancement in crushing efficiency.

More reliable Integrated Frame

The frame of C5X Jaw Crusher is fully welded by adopting the newly deep-arc welding process to meet structural and strength requirements. After welding, an effective aging treatment process is carried out to reduce or eliminate post-welding stress, and comprehensive testings are conducted to ensure the frame's reliability.

Easier Double-Wedge Adjustment

The wedge-type discharge port adjustment represents a mature method in the current market. When adjusting the discharge port, only the screw and return spring nut need to be adjusted, making the adjustment simpler, more efficient, and safer.

Integrated Motor Base Occupying Smaller Space

The motor base is mounted on the frame body and securely fastened with bolts, reducing installation space and ensuring stable power transmission.

Lower Vibration for More Stable Operation

The C5X Jaw Crusher utilizes advanced digital simulation calculations to optimize kinematic parameters, leading to a reduction in equipment vibration, lower noise, enhanced operational stability.



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