Several Methods of Reducing Noise of Rock Crushing Equipment

Noise generated by stone crushing equipment in operation is unavoidable. It will cause great harm to people's health and living environment. Since there is no way to avoid noise, we can only work hard in reducing noise. Here is the method of equipment noise summarized by SBM for you.

1. Regular troubleshooting of equipment: machine failure will lead to additional noise, such as belt deviation will lead to the sound of belt beating, if discharging problems, stone breaking crusher will also produce noise, and the decline of machine foundation will lead to machine resonance noise. If such a situation occurs, technical personnel should be contacted to solve the problem and avoid greater losses.

2. Equipment technical improvement: Choose low noise equipment as far as possible to solve the problem of high noise fundamentally, or improve the accuracy of mining machinery processing and assembly, so as to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction.

3. Control in the course of transmission: The overall layout should be reasonably designed. When planning the production site, the noise source workshop or the noise-producing equipment should be far away from the quiet workshop, laboratory, office and so on.

4. Use barriers to prevent noise transmission: artificial barriers or natural barriers, such as hills, slopes, forests, grasses or buildings, can be used to absorb and prevent some noise.

5. Use the directional characteristics of sound source to control: for example, use sound-absorbing cotton to cut off noise transmission; orient the outlets of fan exhaust, air compressor and so on to the wilderness or sky in order to reduce the environmental impact.

6. Protecting noise recipients: For workers who work in noisy environment for a long time, various protective measures should be taken, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmet and other noise-proof articles; taking measures such as workers'rotation and shortening the working hours of workers entering high-noise environment, to reduce the harm of noise to workers' health.

The above methods are summarized from the practical experience of SBM, and I hope they will be helpful to you.

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