Granite is a high quality raw material for machine-made sand

Granite is a volcanic rock formed by the cooling and condensation of magma below the surface. Its main components are feldspar and quartz. Uniform structure, hard texture, beautiful color, is a high-quality Crafts raw materials and building stone, in highway, railway construction and transportation has also been widely used.

The quarrying technology of granite is relatively simple, and the material is very convenient. For example, in the process of processing some handicraft products of granite and building bricks, a lot of tailings will be produced. We can use sand making machine to make these tailings into sand aggregate, which can not only improve the performance of sand aggregate, but also save resources.

SBM sand making machine is of reliable quality and good grain shape, which is very popular with customers. It has been widely used in various quarries and sand yards. It is suitable to use hard aggregates such as granite, cobble and basalt to break and make sand. We can formulate reasonable solutions according to customers'needs. If you have any questions about granite sand making machine, you can always communicate with our online customer service.

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