What are the reasons why the stone crusher does not start?

A set of high-quality stone crusher workload every day is very large, in order to crusher long-term better work, need regular maintenance and repair. Today, SBM will introduce to you, in the common problems of stone crusher, what are the reasons why the power supply does not start?

1. When the crusher does not start, check whether the power plug is off. If the plug is off, just re-plug the power plug and open the power test machine.

2. When the motor does not start when it is energized and the wheel piece can be rotated, it can be concluded that the failure of two starting capacitance capacitors in the crusher motor is caused. In this case, it is recommended to replace the startup capacitor before the startup can be retried.

3. Another case is that the motor does not rotate when it is normally energized. It can only rotate with the help of external forces. However, when the current sounds inside the motor, it may be caused by a slight leakage of the starting capacitor. If the current noise is too loud and the motor can not start, it is concluded that the short circuit of the starting capacitor is caused (the short circuit of the motor coil needs to be repaired by professionals).

In actual production, if the customer encounters the problem that the stone crusher does not start, in order to avoid delays in work, you can contact SBM by telephone for consultation. In addition, if you have any questions about other aspects of the stone crusher, you can contact our online customer service for consultation at any time.

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