How to maintain the sand making machine at high temperature?

Sand making machine is a kind of mine machinery equipment, working environment is relatively poor, in order to ensure the good operation of equipment, it is necessary to maintain the sand making machine from time to time. Let's talk about how to maintain the sand making machine in high temperature summer.

Sand making machine will produce certain heat when it is working. If the hot weather is added, it will easily lead to overheating or even burning down of the motor. Therefore, sand making machine should always pay attention to the temperature changes of various parts of the equipment when it is working. Once the warning temperature is too high, it will stop immediately, and then it can continue to produce until the temperature drops to normal value.

The reducer and movable parts of sand making machine should change lubricating oil in time in hot summer. Good lubricating effect can effectively reduce the temperature of equipment when working.

Hot weather will make the transmission belt of the equipment relaxed. Customers need to check the sand making machine regularly so as to ensure that the equipment is in good condition at any time.

Following are two points for attention. I hope you know too.

1. Summer weather is dry, if you use cold water to cool down the equipment, after cleaning, drying the equipment, otherwise rust will easily occur in summer.
2. Regarding the regular lubrication of equipment components, we should not only inject lubricating oil, but also pay attention to cleaning up. Long-term accumulation of lubricating oil will also cause damage to machinery and equipment.

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