Lubrication of sand making machine

The sand making machine not only has the function of crushing and sand making, but also realizes the operation of shaping the material. It is a common mechanical equipment in the sand and gravel industry. In actual production, in order to improve the production efficiency of the sand making machine, it is also to extend Its service life and regular maintenance are very necessary. Today, let's talk about the knowledge about lubricating oil in the maintenance of sand making machine.

In the lubrication of the sand making machine, it is necessary to choose a good quality grease. If the quality of the lubricating grease is poor, it will not only affect the lubrication effect of the sand making machine, but also affect the normal use of the equipment, to the actual production belt. Come to trouble.

The quality of the lubricating oil on the market is clear, the color is mostly yellow, and of course the color is whiter. In addition, after a long time of good quality lubricating oil, there will be no sediment at the bottom.

Lubrication of the sander requires not only the purchase of quality grease, but also the correct lubrication operation. For example, the amount of lubricating grease must be mastered. At the same time, ensure that the wetting grease is applied evenly. After the wetting is completed, the excess grease on the surface of the sander is removed.

The above is some introduction of SBM about the lubrication of the sand making machine, I hope to help you.

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