How to choose the accessories of the sand making machine?

Due to the special work of the sand making machine, wear is inevitable, so the accessories in the sand making machine are also indispensable. Here are some suggestions from SBM that I hope will help you.

There are many accessories for sand making machine equipment, such as impeller retainer, hopper, motor pulley, vortex chamber lining, V-belt, throwing head, counter-attack block, upper runner plate, lower runner plate, split cone, Impellers, bearing cylinders, bearings, spindles, etc. Among them, the throwing head, the counter-attack block, and the upper and lower flow channel plates wear more quickly than other parts because they will always hit the material or rub against the moving material. The loss of wearing parts is inevitable, but if it can be replenished in time, it can guarantee effective production time.

Pay attention to the following issues in the process of purchasing these accessories.

First of all, the choice of sand making machine accessories should pay attention to "original". Because the original parts have good protection in terms of materials, size or quality, and the original parts have a perfect after-sales service system. Therefore, when purchasing sand making machine equipment, users can pre-set a set of wearing parts at the sand making machine manufacturer if conditions permit.

Second, we must pay attention to the price comparison of sand making machine parts. Under normal circumstances, one point for the price of goods. When purchasing, check whether the surface of the accessory is aging, whether the external dimensions meet the requirements, and whether the manual and documents are complete.

The above is SBM's advice for you to purchase sand machine accessories. In addition, if you have any questions about the sand making machine, you can contact us at any time.

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