Noise reduction and corrosion protection of sand making machine

The sand making machine will inevitably make a sound during operation. If the sound is too loud, it will affect the production and life of the surrounding people, and it will easily cause equipment failure. How to reduce the noise of the sand making machine has become a very important issue for customers. Here is the answer from SBM:

First of all, if we want to reduce the noise, we can start from the "source", that is, we can install a silencer or a noise reducer on the sand making machine. In addition to equipment improvements, we can also isolate the sand making equipment at the site of use, such as adding baffles, soundproof walls, plant construction, etc. In addition, the lubrication of the machine should be in place, so that the equipment will be used more smoothly and reduce certain noise.

In addition to noise, the degree of wear and corrosion of the equipment is also very much what the customer wants to know and understand. For the anti-corrosion of the equipment, we need to do the following:

1. When not in use, we need to place the equipment in a ventilated place, so that our equipment will not be corroded by moisture.

2. After the machine has been used for a long time, it is necessary to spray the sand making equipment to better protect our equipment.

3. When cleaning the sand making machine equipment, avoid contact with the equipment for a long time as much as possible, and also do rainproof work in order to avoid oxidation of equipment parts.

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