Analysis of the working process of screening equipment in sand making machine production line

The product of the general material after being processed by the sand making machine is not the final product, and the finished product size required for screening out through the screening equipment, so the screening process also plays an important role in the operation of the sand making machine production line. The following is an analysis of the screening process in the production line of the sand making machine.

The main task of the vibrating screen screening process is to divide the raw material sieve into different particle sizes. If the composition of the raw materials is unevenly distributed in each particle size, different size fractions can be obtained after screening to meet the needs of different uses. This screening sometimes referred to as screening, is widely used for the screening of coal, ferrous minerals, non-metallic ores, and building materials.

Screening and crushing are generally applied in a concentrator, the task of which is to control the particle size of the crusher product and to pre-screen the particle size that is not suitable for crushing of the crusher. In this way, the productivity of the crusher can be increased, and on the other hand, the useful components in the ore can be prevented from being excessively broken.

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