Bearing heating of sand machine is a problem that can not be ignored

The bearing of the sand making machine is an indispensable core component of the equipment. It plays a very important role in the normal operation of the sand making machine. It can be said that the bearing quality is directly related to the operation and life of the sand making machine. Bearings are also relatively easy to damage parts. In the process of using the sand making machine, there may be problems such as heat generation and wear, so in the face of heat problems, it is necessary to find the cause and take measures to solve it.

1. Causes and solutions for the heating of the sand making machine bearing
(1) Bearing damage solution: Only replace the new bearing to solve the problem.
(2) The lack of oil or dust in the bearing solution: refuel or clean the bearing.

2. Method for protecting the bearing of the sand making machine
(1) When lubricating the bearing of the sand making machine, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the appropriate oil consistency and lubricant at different temperatures. The oil can be divided into high temperature, medium temperature and low temperature grease, and suitable according to working temperature. grease.
(2) The oil seal is used to prevent the entry of debris or moisture, thereby protecting the bearing.
(3) Incompatible greases should not be mixed. To replace the grease, thoroughly clean the old grease from the bearing and add new grease.
(4) Apply a layer of oil film on the bearing surface of the sand making machine to effectively prevent the bearing from being corroded.

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