Advantages of Dry Sanding Technology of Sand Making Machine

At present, there are two kinds of sand making processes: dry sand making and wet sand making. Among them, dry sand making is widely used. This paper mainly introduces the advantages of dry sand making process of sand making machine.

1. Get rid of the environmental constraints.
Dry sand is not restricted by water source and environment. Artificial sand can also be used in places where water resources are scarce. Traditional wet production lines must be made of mechanical sand in places with abundant water resources, and it is generally impossible in winter in the north. If the sand produced by the sand making machine does not have enough water to clean, the sand contains too much mud powder and stone powder, which will seriously affect the gradation of the sand.

2. Reduce production costs.
The traditional wet production line requires a large amount of water for sand washing while producing sand. To a certain extent, the user increases the amount of water input, while dry sand does not require investment in water resources. To a lesser extent, the investment in funds is reduced.

3. more conducive to environmental protection.
The wet sand production line requires a large amount of water to clean the sand during the production process. From a certain perspective, it is a waste of water resources, and for the erosion of the stone powder produced in the production process, it is also a mineral resource. Waste.

4. Make the artificial sand grading better.
The mud powder in the artificial sand can be removed by the classifier to achieve the particle size of the building sand, and the stone powder content in the artificial sand can also be controlled within the specified range by the classifier, thereby further strengthening the compressive strength of the concrete and The workability of concrete.

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