What are the factors affecting the life of the sand making machine?

The life of sand making machine is affected by many factors, including manufacturer factors, environmental factors and user production factors. The following are the specific effects of various factors on the life of sand making machine.

First, the sand making machine manufacturer

Because the sand making machine manufacturers have different aspects of soft and hard strength, processing technology, etc., the sand making machine produced by it also has the problem of quality.

In addition, different manufacturers have different materials for sand making machine parts. In terms of wear parts, if the wear parts are made of good materials, the life of the sand making machine will be extended considerably.

Second, user production

1, incorrect operation
In the production process of the sand making machine, if it is not carried out in accordance with the relevant production process, it may cause blockage of the sand making machine, or serious wear and tear of the relevant parts in the sand making machine, which will reduce the life of the machine.

2, long-term production
If the machine is put into production blindly, it is not regularly maintained, the condition of the worn parts and parts is observed, or the replacement and adjustment cannot be made in time, which will not only improve the production efficiency, but also affect the life of the sand making machine.

3, the fault does not solve
If the sand making machine fails, it will not be solved in time. For example, there will be sloshing and uneven discharge during production. If the timely shutdown inspection is not carried out, but the production will continue, the life of such a sand making machine will also be affected.

Three environmental factors

The material of the sand making machine is mostly steel. When it is in contact with humid air for a long time, it will undergo oxidation reaction, which is corrosion. It will affect the life of the sand making machine.

In general, the sand making machine not only needs the quality of the manufacturer to provide high quality, but also requires the user to carry out maintenance. Only when the various combinations are combined can the sand making machine last longer.

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