Causes and Solutions of Unstable Operation of Sand Making Machine

In daily production operations, sand making machines inevitably encounter problems. The following is a simple answer to the problem of uneven operation and large jitter of the sand making machine.

First, the cause of the uneven operation of the sand making machine may be:
1. The wear of the wearing parts on the impeller of the sand making machine is relatively serious, causing the internal vibration of the equipment to be unbalanced;
2. The feed size is too large: the feed size exceeds the maximum particle size that the sand making machine can withstand, and the equipment is overloaded;
3. There is a blockage in the impeller flow passage, which makes the feed uneven and swings.

Second, to solve the problem of large sand machine shake:
1. Regularly perform maintenance on the sand making machine equipment, check the wear condition of each component, replace the wearing parts, and balance the internal structure of the sand making machine;
2. Strictly control the feeding size of the sand making machine, which cannot exceed the maximum allowed by the equipment;
3. Take out the obstruction on the impeller flow path and clean and maintain the crushing chamber frequently.

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