70TPH Diabase Crushing Plant

Raw Material
Diabase (0-15mm)
Production Technology
Dry production process
Finished Product
Machine-made sand, stone powder
Output Size
0.075-5mm (machine-made Sand), 0-0.075mm (Stone Powder)
Product Application
Highway construction
Major Equipment
VUT70 Tower-like Sand-making System (VU series tower system of sand-making)

High Quality

VU Tower-like Sand-making System can overcome the defects of traditional sand production (large modulus of fineness), and the more reasonable gradation makes the finished product’s grain shape better and powder content controllable.

High Level of Automation

The centralized control system can test and control equipment operation online, and set operational parameters quickly, so quality of finished product can be ensured.

Environmental Protection

Fully sealed production, there is no dust in the production process, and the production is fully in line with national “green mine” construction standards.

Small Floor Space

The tower-like design significantly reduces the occupational area which further avails the project layout.

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