The Source of Construction Waste Profit—Mobile Crusher

2020-11-27 | Author: Shibang Group

The output of urban construction waste in China reached a staggering 1.5 billion tons in 2014, and it continues to soar at a rate of 10% per year. It estimated that solid wastes can reach about 2 billion tons in 2015. However, the disposal rate of construction waste in China is just only about 5%. More than about 1.5 billion tons of construction waste needs to be treated urgently, which can create trillions of values. So, recycling of construction waste is not only promising, it can create huge profits.

The construction waste recycling market has broad prospects

As we all know, there are a large amount of steel bars, concrete and brick materials in construction wastes. Most of them can be reused as renewable resources as long as after sorting, removing or crushing. Recycled construction waste aggregate can be used to replace sand, used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, etc., and can also be used to make building blocks, paving bricks, lattice bricks and other building materials.

What should do if building a construction waste processing plant?

The most important part of the construction waste processing plant is the construction waste mobile crushing equipment. Mobile crusher is an indispensable crushing device in processing construction wastes.

1. As a key part of crushing solid materials, mobile crusher adopts an integrated combination structure to make the space distribution of equipment more compact. Meanwhile, the collocation and connection between various equipment is scientific and reasonable, which can effectively ensure the smooth discharge.

2. The spray device can effectively reduce dust pollution in the working area.

3. The integrated design mode of the whole machine effectively reduces the cost of material transportation and greatly reduces the operating cost.

Why are construction waste processing plants so profitable?

At present, the price of aggregates in the market is roughly between 60-100 RMB, the cost of one ton of construction waste is about 10 RMB. The yield rate of mobile crusher is around 70%. If the gross profit per ton is about 30 RMB, excluding the labor, water and electricity consumption, the profit is conservatively estimated at about 20,000 RMB in a day.

The above are all personal interests. As we all know, there are relevant policies in various places to encourage enterprises to carry out green environmental protection work, and the utilization of construction waste as a resource is a green industry, which benefits the country and the people, and can generate huge social benefits.

Where can we buy a good mobile crusher?

As a professional Chinese producer which manufact mobile crusher, SBM’s mobile crusher integrates four functions of feeding, crushing, transportation and screening. It can work as different equipment according to the site of construction wastes. Compared to fixed crusher, the biggest advantage of mobile crushing equipment is that it eliminates the limitations of the crushing site, environment, and complicated basic configuration, reduces the land occupation area, and does not require assembly. The equipment can be put into work as soon as it arrives, which greatly improves work efficiency.

SBM has launched a complete range of mobile crushing equipment through continuous innovation for many years, which has promoted the development of urban green economy. Here, we welcome you to visit our factory to survey. You can also contact us online or leave a message for consultation, our service staff will quickly answer you.

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