How to match a mobile crusher for disposal construction waste?

2021-05-25 | Author: SBM

The process of mobile construction waste crushing plant can be divided into two methods: "screening before crushing" and "crushing before screening". It is usually equipped with a jaw crusher, an impact crusher, an sand making machine, a cone crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and other equipment.

Mobile crusher can be divided into tire mobile crusher and crawler mobile crusher, both they are suitable for small areas. Among them, the crawler mobile crusher has more powerful maneuverability. It can climb hill, and can be suitable for more complicated and dangerous environment.

The mobile crushing equipment can be equipped with coarse crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment or sand making equipment according to production needs. With a little configuration, it can become a small mobile crushing and mobile sand making plant; therefore, a mobile crusher is like a "dark horse". It will have many functions with proper configuration.

1.Four in one: feeder + jaw crusher + screen + cone crusher

Four-in-one means that four types of equipment are placed on one frame: feeder + jaw crusher + screen + cone crusher / impact crusher. This configuration can process construction waste into finished products with different particle, which can help users save investment costs. In addition, the feeder, the vibrating screen and cone crusher/impact crusher are assembled on the same vehicle-mounted device, which is convenient for fast driving of the whole vehicle.

2.Two in one: Jaw crusher + impact crusher/cone crusher

Two-in-one means that there are two vehicles in one set: the feeder + jaw crusher (coarse crusher) is placed on the first vehicle, and the impact crusher or cone crusher + screen (fine crusher) is placed on the second vehicle. As we all know, the choice of impact and cone crusher mainly depends on the raw material composition and the requirements of finished product. The impact mobile crusher can produce good finished products with a good granular shape. And it is suitable for crushing medium-hard materials; while cone mobile crusher has good wear resistance, strong pressure resistance, and is more suitable for crushing high hardness materials, this mode is a relatively common mode in construction waste recycling process.

3. Multi-unit in one: one tire mobile crusher + one track mobile crusher

Mobile crushing plant for processing construction waste generally use tire-type mobile crushing equipment, because it can ensure lower investment costs. If you choose to add one crawler crushing equipment, which will increase a lot of costs, but the entire mobile plant has a very strong adaptability and automation level, which can greatly reduce the labor cost. For this combination, users can choose to use it according to their own needs.

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