How to prevent the harm caused by quartz sand dust

2019-12-02 | Author: Shibang Group

Quartz sand is widely used as an industrial mineral. Its chemical composition is mainly silicon dioxide, which is chemically stable and theoretically free of chemical hazards. However, in fact, the dust produced by quartz sand production has long-term potential dangers.

Quartz sand is a kind of ultra-fine particles visible to the naked eye.It has a light texture and is easy to suspend in the air. If it stays in a place with a lot of quartz sand dust for a long time, it is easy to inhale the quartz sand dust into the lungs and form silicon lung disease . What is more dangerous is that there is no perfect science and technology to cure this silicosis.

Prevention measures of quartz sand

1. Reduce quartz sand dust from the source

Quartz sand is the result of crushing, grinding, sieving and extracting the stone. We can effectively reduce the quartz sand dust by choosing more advanced quartz sand production equipment. For example, the SBM sand maker adopts the self-circulation design of the air flow inside the vortex cavity to ensure that the dust does not leak out.

2. Block the transmission of quartz sand dust from the propagation process

We can start from the intermediate link of quartz sand dust transmission and block the quartz dust produced by the production equipment before it enters the air, that is, add a vacuum bag or a silent dust removal device to effectively reduce the quartz sand dust content in the air.

3.Protect recipients of quartz sand dust

Part of the dust is unavoidable during the production of quartz sand. The workers who produce quartz sand will still face unknown potential risks, and they must wear the necessary dust-proof protective gear during production.

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