How can cement enterprises smoothly transform into sand and gravel aggregate industry?

2023-05-15 | Author: SBM

1. Why has it become a trend for cement enterprises to invest in sand and gravel aggregate?

In recent years, the pace of cement enterprises entering the sand and gravel aggregate market is getting faster and faster and large cement groups have already taken the lead. By actively extending the enterprise value chain, these large groups continuously develop a growth chain that integrates cement, sand and gravel aggregate, and concrete. Cement companies are rapidly expanding in the field of sand and gravel aggregates, and what are the reasons behind this?

1.1 Excessive production capacity has long plagued the high-quality development of cement industry

For a long time, overcapacity has been a bottleneck that held back the healthy development of the cement industry. Under the premise that cement capacity only decreases, cement enterprises will open up new channels and increase new economic growth points, while investing in sand and gravel aggregates happens to be advantageous at the right time and place.

1.2 The market for sand and gravel aggregates is thriving and has high return on investment

The construction of new infrastructure, new urbanization, transportation, water conservancy and other major projects is expected to drive the huge demand for sand and gravel aggregates in the market. The increase in demand will help drive the price of sand and gravel aggregates to rise simultaneously.

The gross profit margin of listed cement companies and their subsidiaries is mostly more than 50%, and several listed companies' aggregate business gross profit margin exceeds 70%, which is astonishing!

1.3 Cement enterprises have unique advantages in entering the sand and gravel aggregate market

Cement enterprises have unique advantages in entering the sand and gravel aggregate market, such as utilization of low-grade ores, extending the industrial chain, reducing the role of waste rock yards, and reducing secondary environmental disasters.

1.3.1 Resource advantages

Cement and sand and gravel aggregates both belong to mining industry. For cement enterprises, on the one hand, they can use cement mine waste to produce sand and gravel aggregates, which has obvious resource advantages; On the other hand, if cement enterprise wants to apply for a sand and gravel mine specifically for the production of high-quality aggregates, it has unparalleled advantages in mining procedures, investment production, financial strength, and other aspects.

1.3.2 Policy advantages

Cement enterprises make long-term piled low-grade ore into sand and gravel aggregates, which can not only turn "waste" into treasure and reap economic profits, but also receive strong support from the national.

2. Three attentions for cement enterprises entering the field of sand and gravel aggregates

Currently, there are multiple channels for cement enterprises to enter the field of sand and gravel aggregates. There are two common methods: use the waste stone stripped from their own cement mines to produce sand and gravel aggregates, or to invest in specialized sand and gravel mines to produce sand and gravel aggregates.

While using waste stones stripped from cement mines to produce sand and gravel aggregates, the main raw material for cement production is limestone. The limestone waste stones stripped during the mining process are used to produce sand and gravel aggregates, and the finished aggregates have good performance when used as road foundation stones and building aggregates.

With the further increase in demand for sand and gravel aggregates, more and more cement enterprises are starting to layout new businesses and invest in specialized sand and gravel mines to produce sand and gravel aggregates. From the market situation in recent years, this choice has been proven to be correct in practice.

It needs to be emphasized that, whether using the waste rock stripped from its own cement mine to produce sand and gravel aggregate or investing in a specialized sand and gravel mine to produce sand and stone aggregate, enterprises must pay attention to closing the pit when investing in order to avoid losses.

2.1 Avoid inferior use of high quality aggregates

For enterprises that use their own cement mines to produce sand and gravel aggregates, pay attention to avoid inferior use of high quality aggregates. Generally speaking, the quality of limestone used for cement production is higher than that of limestone used for sand and gravel aggregates production.

In fact, for cement mining enterprises want to enter the sand and gravel aggregate market, they can fully utilize mining waste to produce sand and gravel aggregates which not only can turn waste into treasure and increase new economic growth points, but also benefits environmental protection and achieves harmonious development between humans and nature.

2.2 Avoid sand and gravel aggregate quality not meeting standards

Each country has certain standards and regulations for the general requirements and technical indicators of sand and gravel aggregates.

The technical indicators mainly include particle grading composition, mud content/stone powder content and mud lump content, flat and elongated particle content, harmful substance content, solidness, compressive strength and crushing value indicators, apparent density/loose bulk density/porosity, water absorption, water content/saturated surface dry water absorption, etc.

Only sand and gravel aggregates with quality meeting the standard requirements can meet the needs of the concrete industry.

2.3 Avoid unreasonable construction of sand and gravel aggregate production lines

Cement production also needs crushing process, but its crushing requirements and standards are fundamentally different from the aggregate crushing process.

Firstly, the cement crushing process aims to generate cracks in the stone material, facilitate subsequent grinding process, and improve grinding efficiency. However, these cracks are indeed fatal to aggregates, which can seriously affect its solidness, crushing value, and other indicators.

Secondly, there are clear requirements for sand and gravel aggregates in terms of particle size, grading, stone powder content, and mud content. If the construction of sand and gravel aggregate production lines is not reasonable, it will not only lead to a decrease in aggregate quality, but also reduce investment returns.

Therefore, when constructing a sand and gravel aggregate production line, cement enterprises must conduct preliminary research and familiarize with the production process and operation mode of sand and gravel aggregates to avoid irreparable losses.

3. How can cement companies undergo a major transformation before the market changes?

In a favorable environment of the sand and gravel market, some unreasonable factors are often ignored, but when the sand and gravel price returns to a reasonable range, we should pay more attention to the quality of aggregates.

From "price" to "comparison of comprehensive strength", the sand and gravel industry will inevitably undergo a huge transformation. This transformation tests whether the supply side of aggregate enterprises can respond to high-quality demand timely. Therefore, enterprises that take the lead in high-quality development are expected to become the main force and winners of the aggregate market in the future.

So, what are the key aspects for the high-quality development of sand and gravel aggregates?

3.1 Pay attention to equipment quality

For cement enterprises, they should not only increase the importance of sand and gravel aggregate production, but also choose more suitable equipment.

When investing in sand and gravel aggregates, cement enterprises can focus on equipment that adopts the "crushing" principle, such as cone crushers. It should be emphasized that the production of high-quality machine-made sand is more difficult and requires higher requirements than aggregates, and strict proportions are required for particle size and grading. If cement enterprises have sand production needs, high-quality and durable vertical shaft impact crusher or tower-like sand production systems are essential.

C6X jaw crusher

C6X jaw crusher

The structure, function, and production efficiency of the C6X jaw crusher all reflect the modern advanced technological level, solving the problems of low production efficiency and difficult installation and maintenance of existing jaw crushers in the market. It is ideal coarse crushing equipment for sand and gravel aggregates.

hpt cone crusher

HPT multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The HPT series multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing to crush materials. By optimizing the equipment and the crushing cavity, the efficiency of laminated crushing is improved, and the wear of vulnerable parts is low. The finished product has a cubic shape with high content of fine particles, which improves the quality of the finished product and reduces the production cost of the equipment and the entire system.

HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crusher independently developed and designed by SBM Group, which has accumulated years of experience and widely absorbed advanced crusher technology from the United States, Germany, and other countries. This cone crusher integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, and intelligent control technologies into one, representing the world's advanced crusher technology.

vsi6x sand making machine

VSI6X vertical shaft impact crusher;

In response to the increasing demand for large-scale, intensive, energy saving and environmental protection machine-made sand in the market, SBM Group further optimized the structure and function of the vertical shaft impact crusher based on thousands of sand making and shaping application technology, and launched a new generation of high efficiency and low cost sand making and shaping equipment -- VSI6X vertical shaft impact crusher (also known as sand making machine).

VU sand making system

VU tower-like sand making system by dry method

To solve the problems of unreasonable grading of machine-made sand in the market, high powder and mud content, and substandard particle size, SBM Group developed tower-like high-quality machine-made sand making system, overcoming the challenges of crushing, grinding, and separating in the optimization process. The quality of the finished sand and gravel produced meets national standards, and the production process has zero sludge, zero wastewater, and no dust, fully meeting national environmental protection requirements.

3.2 Pay attention to environmental protection

With the increasing restrictions on natural sand resources and environmental protection efforts by various countries, the transformation and upgrading of the sand and stone industry and the process of green development have significantly accelerated. New concepts, models, technologies, and efficient energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in the sand and gravel aggregate and equipment industry are constantly emerging.

Every enterprise that has entered or is about to enter the sand and gravel industry must adhere to environmental protection, otherwise it is contrary to the trend of the times, and it cannot go far!

3.3 Emphasize intelligent innovation

With the continuous development of 5G technology and artificial intelligence, intelligence will become a new driving force for development. It is urgent to use intelligence to help the cement industry and its upstream and downstream industries form new economic growth points.

Emphasize intelligent innovation

Mine intelligence is a comprehensive and complex process, and each process has a different manifestation of intelligence. At present, the main task of sand and gravel mining enterprises is to achieve digital mining through the integration of industrialization and industrialization.

At present, many new technologies have emerged in the market to assist in the construction of digital mines, such as 3D digital measurement and control, automation control system, safety monitoring and early warning guarantee platforms, interaction platforms between personnel management and production equipment, and equipment operation management system etc. Although cement enterprises have a certain industry background in investing in sand and gravel aggregates, they still need to closely follow the innovation trend of the aggregate industry and promote the intelligent upgrading of production lines.

4. Solution for cement enterprises to invest in sand and stone aggregates

As a leading provider of sand and gravel aggregate equipment and complete solutions in China, SBM Group has continuously developed and strengthened its own strength over the years, promoting the development of sand and gravel aggregate business for cement enterprises, and has successfully provided customized solutions for multiple large cement groups.

The solutions provided by SBM Group have the advantage of covering the entire process, providing customers with early industrial planning, mid-term process development, and later operation management services.

4.1 Industrial planning

SBM Group integrates the six design concepts of "industrialization, intelligence, greenization, modularization, safety, and quality" into all aspects, providing users with a comprehensive solution that integrates policy interpretation, preliminary evaluation, process design, equipment supply, operation management, resource utilization, profit analysis, safety assurance, environmental protection, and digital mining. At the same time, according to the comprehensive development needs, we can customize the extension scheme of the industrial chain integration for cement customers, create a multi-in-one development mode, give full play to the industrial chain advantages, and promote the overall collaborative promotion of the project.

4.2 Scheme customization

According to the actual needs of customers, the customized process strictly follows the national standards, and fully considers the two indicators of resource utilization and environmental protection, so as to ensure the realization of cost reduction!

Set up a storage yard/warehouse for finished products of sand and aggregate

4.3 Operation and management plan

SBM integrates scientific management and safety management concepts in the management plan to ensure the efficient operation of equipment and the production safety of employees after the project is put into operation. In addition, by increasing the application of technology and implementing the detection of equipment operation status, project management is more convenient!

Production: Professional installation and debugging to ensure efficient production of the project;

Regulations: Establish systematic and standardized production rules and regulations, and improve work mechanisms;

Safety: Organize frontline employees to participate in production training and improve safety awareness;

Technology: Increase the application of technology and establish a dynamic monitoring system for production lines;

Upgrade: Provide customers with renovation and upgrade plans for their production lines at any time;

After-sales: If there is any demand, the after-sales team will arrive at the scene in time.

Sbm has a strong after-sales service team

5. Contact SBM

If you are interested in SBM Group and want to learn more about our products, technologies, services, and industry knowledge, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to serve you!

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