Efficient utilization of coal has become the theme of today’s world, and making coal into efficient pulverized coal has become the mainstream of the times.

Coal Grinding Processing

Raw coal is fed into the dryer for drying. The dried raw coal is conveyed to the closed storage bin, and then it is transported to the raw material storage bin.
The grinded powder is fed into the mill, and then it is classified by the separator and enters the collecting powder along the pipeline.
The finished coal is put into the finished pulverized coal silo for storage, and is transported by the tanker as required.

Core Equipment


Application & Specification

Application: be used to process humic acid

Production Fineness: about 60mesh

Surface coal can be used to process humic acid.

Application: for industrial cleaning

Production Fineness: 180-200mesh

Processing into clean coal powder can be used for blast furnace coal injection to realize clean utilization of coal and reduce air pollution.

Application: be converted into flammable gas

Production Fineness: 200mesh D90

After pulverized coal is processed, coal is converted into flammable gas by chemical process, which is clean and pollution-free.

Coal Cases


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