K series wheel mobile crushing plant
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K series wheel mobile crushing plant is developed based on years of independent research and manufacturing experience. In combination with user demands, it is optimized and innovated on structural design, equipment configuration and combined application, so as to realize more flexible combinations, greatly widening the application fields and truly realizing the approaching treatment of materials.

Maximum Machine Types and Widest Coverage

K series mobile crushing plant owns 7 series and 72 machine types, and fully covers various production demands for coarse crushing, intermediate fine crushing, fine crushing, shaping, screening and sand washing. Customer can choose independent operation, three-combination, and four-combination, etc.; compared with the other mobile crushing and screening equipment in domestic and foreign markets, this series has more machine types and wider coverage.

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Quick Entrance to Operation; Flexibility Creating More Values

Compared with fixed production line, K series mobile crushing plant has a shorter engineering period and rapider transition, which not only reduces the investment risk and opportunity cost of the investors, but also avoids the demolition and construction after the end of project, making it more economical and environmental; in addition, the machine has excellent depreciation hedging capacity, so that the investor can rapidly invest in a new project, or sell the machine to get money, thus reducing the investment cost.

General Structure Making Further Upgrading Possible

SBM K series mobile crushing plant takes the modularization concept; the general structural layout can realize the direct replacement of main parts without replacing the body, so as to satisfy the crushing and screening demands at different stages; if the user needs to expand the production capacity, replacing the main parts can accomplish the equipment upgrading and save reinvestment cost of the body. In addition, this design can also contribute to solving the road transport problems in remote areas, and greatly reducing the road construction cost in earlier stage.

Hydraulic Centralized Control Makes Operation and Maintenance Simpler

All actions are controlled by intensified hydraulic system so that the operator can simply and rapidly set the operating actions of the machine; in consideration that the widely used hydraulic control devices will require certain machine maintenance, we adopt centralized lubrication mode, and the operator can rapidly complete the maintenance operation on the road directly. Therefore, the operation and maintenance management will greatly save the labor cost.

Coarse crushing portable plant

Model Screening equipment Crushing equipment Main belt conveyor Max.feeding size(mm)
KE600-1 TSW0936 PE600×900 B800×8.3m 500
KE750-1 TSW1139 PE750×1060 B1000×8.5m 630
KE760-1 TSW1139 PEW760 B1000×8.5m 640
KE860-1 TSW1345 PEW860 B1200×9.5m 720
KE1100-1 TSW1548 PEW1100 B1400×9.5m 930
KJ98-1 TSW1139 HJ98 B800×8.3m 560
KJ110-1 TSW1345 HJ110 B1000×8.5m 660
KJ125-1 TSW1345 HJ125 B1400×9.5m 800
KF1214Ⅱ-1 TSW0936 PFW1214Ⅱ B800×8.3m 500
KF1315Ⅱ-1 TSW1345 PFW1315Ⅱ B1200×9.5m 600
KF1415Ⅱ-1 TSW1548 PFW1415Ⅱ B1200×9.5m 700

Medium and fine crushing and screening portable plant

Model Screening equipment Crushing equipment Main belt conveyor Max.feeding size(mm)
KC75-2 3Y1848 CS75B B800×7.5m 150
KC160-2 3Y1860 CS160B B800×8.5m 205
KT100-2 3Y1848 HST100H1 B800×7.5m 185
KT160-2 3Y1860 HST160H1 B800×8.5m 185
KT250-2 3Y1860 HST250H1 B800×8.5m 215
KH300-2 3Y1860 HPT300C2 B800×8.5m 210
KF1214-2 3Y1860 PFW1214Ⅲ B800×8.5m 250
KF1315-2 3Y2160 PFW1315Ⅲ B1000×8.5m 300
KF1318-2 3Y2160 PFW1318Ⅲ B1000×8.5m 300
KS1848-1 3Y1848 -- B800×7.5m --
KS1860-1 3Y1860 -- B800×8.5m --
KS2160-1 3Y2160 -- B1000×8.5m --

Complete portable plant

Model Screening equipment Crushing equipmentt Main belt conveyor Max.feeding size(mm)
KC75-2D 3Y1848 CS75B B800×7.5m 150
KC160-2D 3Y1860 CS160B B800×8.5m 205
KT100-2D 3Y1848 HST100H1 B800×7.5m 185
KT160-2D 3Y1860 HST160H1 B800×8.5m 185
KT250-2D 3Y1860 HST250H1 B800×8.5m 215
KH300-2D 3Y1860 HPT300C2 B800×8.5m 210
KF1214-2D 3Y1860 PFW1214Ⅲ B800×8.5m 250
KF1315-2D 3Y2160 PFW1315Ⅲ B1000×8.5m 300
KF1318-2D 3Y2160 PFW1318Ⅲ B1000×8.5m 300
KS1848-1D 3Y1848 -- B800×7.5m --
KS1860-1D 3Y1860 -- B800×8.5m --
KS2160-1D 3Y2160 -- B1000×8.5m --

Sand-making and shaping portable plant

Model Screening equipment Crushing equipment Main belt conveyor Max.feeding size(mm)
KV8518-2 3Y1848 VSI8518 B800×7.5m 40
KV8522-2 3Y1860 VSI5X8522 B800×8.5m 40
KV9526-2 3Y1860 VSI9526 B800×8.5m 45
KV9532-2 3Y1860 VSI5X9532 B800×8.5m 45

Fine crushing and sand washing portable plant

Model Screening equipment Sand washing machine Crushing equipment Max.feeding size(mm)
KV8518-2X 3Y1848 XL-915 VSI8518 40
KV8522-2X 3Y1860 2XL-915 VSI5X8522 40
KV9526-2X 3Y1860 2XL-915 VSI9526 45
KV9532-2X 3Y1860 2XL-915 VSI5X9532 45
KC75-2X 3Y1848 XL-915 CS75B 150
KC160-2X 3Y1860 XL-915 CS160B 205
KH300-2X 3Y1860 2XL-915 HPT300C2 210
KT250-2X 3Y1860 2XL-915 HST250H1 215

Three-in-one portable plant

Model Screening equipment Max.feeding size(mm) Crushing equipment Max.feeding size(mm)
KF1214-3 3Y1848 TSW0936 PF1214 300
KF1214Ⅱ-3 3Y1848 TSW0936 PFW1214Ⅱ 500
KE500-3 3Y1548 TSW0936 PE500×750 425
KE600-3 3Y1848 TSW0936 PE600×900Ⅱ 500

Four-in-one portable plant

Model Screening equipment Max.feeding size(mm) Coarse crushing equipment Medium crushing equipment Max.feeding size(mm)
KE400C55-4 3Y1237 GZD960×3500 PE400×600 PYB900 350
KE400C75-4 3Y1237 GZD960×3500 PE400×600 CS75B 350
KE500C55-4 3Y1237 GZD960×3500 PE500×750 PYB900 425
KE500C75-4 3Y1237 GZD960×3500 PE500×750 CS75B 425
KE400F110-4 3Y1237 GZD960×3500 PE400×600 PF1010 350
KE500F110-4 3Y1237 GZD960×3500 PE500×750 PF1010 425
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