With the development of sand making machine, technology has become increasingly perfect. In many years of exploration and application, the environmental performance of the old version sand making machine obviously can not meet the trend of domestic economic development. The third generation of sand making machine with environmental protection performance, and the VSI5X sand making machine is an upgraded equipment of VSI series, which has a wide range of applications in the current industry. VSI5X sand making machine not only has high output, high efficiency, but also has excellent particle size. Its appearance has contributed most of its strength to building sand and is often used for shaping other sand. In a large number of practical production, it shows the extraordinary characteristics.

The development of sand making machine is very important to protection of natural environment. After years of efforts and exploration, there are many types of sand making machine used in the industry, which can basically meet the production of various standard machine-made sand.

In the past, most of the sand used for construction and engineering is river sand, sea sand or mountain sand formed naturally by scouring in rivers, lakes and sea waters. This kind of sand has a long history of application because of its low cost and wide distribution. However, due to years of uncontrolled collection, it has destroyed the ecological environment, caused damage to resources, soil erosion, and brought great losses to the country and people's lives.

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection in recent years, people have realized the importance of protecting the ecological environment, and the excessive exploitation of river sand has also been controlled. In fact, the technology of replacing river sand in our country is quite mature, and some shortcomings of natural sand can be solved by artificial sand making machine. Because of the decrease of river sand, the artificial sand production line not only solves the problem of natural sand shortage, but also is an important raw material of high quality concrete.

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