Limestone Sand Making Machine

2020-10-14 | Author: Shibang Group

Generally, the main ingredient of limestone is calcium carbonate. Limestone is chiefly used as construction material after series processes including crushing and shaping. It is necessary for users to use crusher and sand making machine when we produce manufactured sand. And limestone sand making machine is one of the most commonly used equipment.

Limestone sand making machine is specially designed for making limestone-sand. So today we will share you with the working principle and features of this kind sand making equipment.

1. Working principle of limestone sand maker

When limestone was evenly sent into sand making machine and entered into high speed rotating rotor through center feeding hole, it will be thrown to impact other limestones that are free falling after a rebound. Then it will be impacted to the counterattack block (or lining plates) again and deflected downwards after rebounding to the top of crushing chamber. After colliding with the materials emitted from the impeller passage, the finished products will be discharged from the discharge mouth.

2. Advantages of limestone sand making machine

a. Making impact block processing effect better

When producing manufactured limestone-sand, limestone sand making machine is usually adopted rhombic combination impact blocks, which instead of traditional square combination impact blocks and hammer head. Compare to the latter two, the rhombic combination impact blocks is good of performance and with the characteristics of wear and high temperature resistance.

b. High quality alloys have higher strength

Limestone sand making machine adopts advanced high quality alloys, which instead of traditional manganese steel and cast alloys. It can improve the abrasion resistance of the impact block of limestone sand making machine effectively. In addition, it can also strengthen the crushing capacity of sand maker.

c. Excellent configuration can ensure the equipment with long service life.

Compared to other sand making machine, the service life of limestone sand making machine is 50% longer than that of them. What’s more, the production efficiency is 30% higher than that of them. Its excellent configuration makes it more durable and low failure rate.

In conclusion, we introduce the working principle and advantages of limestone sand making machine above. As we all know, limestone is rich in resources, which can be well applied to the construction industries after crushing and sand making process. In addition, this can also solve the problem of aggregates resource shortage effectively.

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