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According to accumulation and experimental analyses of on-site product test data for more than thirty years, SBM has researched and developed the fifth-generation pendulous hanging grinding mill – MB5X pendulous hanging grinding mill with many invention patents. It represents the most advanced grinding processing technology at present, and its application of patent technology of brand-new structural design makes the equipment’s operation and maintenance cost much lower, environmental protection performance more excellent and discharging quality much superior, thus it is the optimum choice for upgrading and updating. All non-combustible and non-explosive brittle mineral products whose Moh’s hardness are below Grade 7 and water content below 6% could all be ground.

MB5X pendulous hanging grinding mill

Thin Oil Lubrication Incurs Lower Maintenance Cost

Grinding roller device of MB5X mill adopts thin oil lubrication, a technology initiated domestically. It is maintenance-free and easy to operate. Thin oil lubrication is oil bath lubrication, which is more convenient than grease lubrication since no frequent oil-adding, and it needs lower maintenance cost.

No Shovel Blade Cylinder; the Grinding Efficiency Gets Improved

In combination with large-diameter grinding roller, the shovel blade cylinder is of higher grinding efficiency. Since there is no shovel blade cylinder in the grinding chamber, whose ventilation area is larger and air-conveying resistance is smaller, and in combination with super-strong grinding force of large-diameter grinding roller, the grinding efficiency is improved directly.

MB5X pendulous hanging grinding mil

Elastic Damping Volute Structure Ensures Stability of Equipment

Elastic damping volute structure can effectively reduce vibrating damage of the host. Between the volute and engine base, special elastic structure is applied, and in combination with setup of rubber shock pad, it could directly avoid influence of vibration of engine base on operating stability of powder concentrator, and completely eradicate the problems of shatter crack of volute and central engine due to vibration of engine base.

Thin Oil Lubrication Realizes Excellent Stability of Equipment

Main shaft of host applies thin oil self-lubricating system, which is fully-automatic and labor-saving. The main-shaft bearing, transmission-shaft bearing and gear engagement surface are all supplied with cyclic oil lubrication and heat dissipation by built-in oil pump with automatic operation ever without manual operation, which can timely and effectively ensure operating stability of the host.

Automatic Oil-temperature Detection

The host reduction gearbox is equipped with oil-temperature detecting system and heating unit, and it could operate automatically under low temperature according to set requirement, ensuring the host lubricating system operate in optimum status.

Hole-type Hanger Improves Material-conveying Efficiency

Hanger of grinding roller applies unusual hole-type design, which could effectively increase the ventilation area of the grinding chamber while ensuring strength of the hanger, and could directly improve material-conveying efficiency while lowering the windage.


New-type Cage Powder Concentrator, Lower Power Consumption

Powder concentrator applies low-resistance hanging cage powder concentrator, which narrows range of granularity distribution but increases powder concentrating efficiency and lowers energy consumption. Under condition of same materials and fineness, it is of lower power consumption and higher productivity than blade-type powder concentrator.


Humanized Design, Longer Service Life but Lower Cost

The main shaft and the grinding roller apply oil lubrication, which greatly extends the oiling period without frequent manual maintenance, and saves a great many of human cost, and is of high humanity degree.

Integrated wear-proof shovel plate could improve the durable performance and lower use cost of quick-wear parts. Air-intake volute is redesigned, applying wear-proof liner for fitting, which directly improves service life of the volute in multiples.

Humanized Design, Longer Service Life but Lower Cost

Transmission system of powder classifier applies concentrated and automatic lubricating system, and it could work automatically according to system setup without shut-down and manual operation, which could greatly lower the downtime loss.

Efficient Powder Collector, Improving Service Life of Equipment

The use of large-diameter powder collector and bottom pneumatic wind lockage valve could effectively improve powder-collecting efficiency, and avoid powder-returning; air intake of the powder collector applies wear-proof liner for fitting, which directly improves the service life.

Reasonable Pipeline Layout, Reducing Windage

Between the powder classifier and the powder collector, square pipeline is applied, which is convenient for multiple choices of wear-proof materials, and at the same time, it could avoid windage in the entrance of powder collector due to variable diameter of the square and the circular pipeline.

Pulse Dust Collector, Efficient and Environmental

Pulse dust collector is installed to remove ash via pneumatic force and its operation is automatic, which saves manual ash-removing operation, avoids powder pollution and is of excellent environmental protection effect.

Specialized Fan Guarantees Steady Operation

MB5X pendulous hanging grinding mill applies specialized fan, which is of reliable performance and minimum energy consumption, thus ensuring stable operation of wind force required by the system.

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