5 Things You Need to Know about Concrete Crusher

2022-11-01 | Author: SBM

What is concrete?

Concrete is a general term for engineering composite materials in which aggregates are cemented into a whole by cementitious materials, such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate (generally a coarse aggregate made of gravel or crushed rocks such as limestone, or granite, plus a fine aggregate such as sand), water and chemical admixtures.

Generally speaking, the term "concrete" refers to the use of cement as the cementing material and sand and stone as the aggregate; Cement concrete, also known as ordinary concrete, is mixed with water (including admixtures and admixtures) in a certain proportion and is widely used in civil engineering.

Why do we need concrete crusher machine?

Concrete is an important composite material. It has excellent characteristics such as good compression resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, water resistance and fire resistance. It is an ideal raw material in the construction field. Concrete can be turned into sand and gravel aggregate only after being crushed. It cannot be used in corresponding fields without concrete crusher machine.


The concrete crusher machine developed by our company is crushing equipment with waste concrete as raw material, which is widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, road building industry and other industries, especially for crushing the concrete in construction waste. The quality of finished materials is good, and the output is large. In addition, we can provide crushing and recycling schemes for waste concrete and project operation guidance.

Our concrete crusher machines are not only sold to domestic provinces and cities, but also successively exported to Tanzania, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, Zambia and other countries, with remarkable effects in the crushing of waste concrete.

The size of concrete generally ranges from about 5 cm to about 50 cm. Generally, fixed crusher or mobile crusher can be selected for crushing processing. If the customer requires strong flexibility and unlimited space, it is more appropriate to choose mobile crusher; if the customer only requires low cost and the site does not require, fixed crusher equipment shall be selected.

Mobile Concrete Crusher Machine

Capacity: 0-650t/h

Equipment features: intelligent control, flexible and convenient, high degree of automation, environmental protection and energy saving, suitable for scattered users in the workplace, high investment cost.

mobile  concrete crusher

Working principle:

Mobile concrete crusher machine is completely developed from the perspective of users. As an integrated crushing and screening equipment, it integrates vibrating screen, feeder, and belt conveyor and primary, secondary and tertiary crushers. The integrated unit equipment structure eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation of split components, and reduces the consumption of materials and man hours;

The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the site, reduces the transportation cost of materials, makes the equipment more flexible, and enhances the environmental adaptability of outdoor operations.

Production process:

The concrete is crushed by the mobile jaw crusher for primary crushing. The iron remover and screening device are used to separate the rebar and slag in the concrete. The scrap iron can be returned to the furnace and recast to make new steel. The recycled raw materials are screened and impurities are removed to form building materials with certain particle size requirements. According to the process requirements, cement, fly ash and other auxiliary materials are added to the raw materials, and water is added in proportion for mixing to produce different building materials and road construction products. These products can completely replace ordinary sand and stone materials for road base.

Attentions in the production process of mobile concrete crusher machine:

1. During the use of the mobile concrete crusher machine, pay attention to the noise and vibration of the equipment. In case of excessive noise or vibration, the equipment shall be shut down for inspection.

2. During the operation of the mobile concrete crusher, pay attention to the quality and yield of the final product. If the quality and yield are not normal, the crusher and screening machine may be blocked or the screen surface may be damaged. Timely repair is required.

3. Among the maintenance methods, the component pre repair method is better. This method is carried out under the condition of equipment operation. Because complete components are prepared in advance, the maintenance time is greatly shortened, so the equipment operation rate can be guaranteed accordingly.

Fixed concrete crusher machine

Categories of fixed concrete crusher machine: jaw crusher, construction waste crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher etc.

Finished products: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm aggregates;

Final products: recycled block bricks, permeable concrete, etc.

Equipment features: relatively low investment cost, large output, large crushing ratio, suitable for fixed operation site.

Fixed concrete crusher machine

Production process:

The concrete after pretreatment are delivered to the large silo by forklift or hook. The vibrating screen feeder will separate gypsum, soil and small concrete (less than 120mm) while ensuring uniform feeding to the crusher. Large concrete (greater than 120mm) enter the jaw crusher for primary crushing, and then fall into the vibration feeder for buffering adjustment (the vibration feeder is used to protect the belt from being scratched by thicker steel bars), and then enter the secondary crushing through the belt conveyor.

The secondary crushing adopts a special crusher with dual functions of screening and crushing, and has high crushing efficiency. The concrete will be crushed into materials smaller than 50mm through the impact crusher, and most of the reinforcement and concrete will be separated. The materials will be transported to the screening system (the screening system consists of soil removal screening and material grading) by belt for treatment.

Inspection points of concrete crusher machine:

1. Pay attention to the bearing temperature of the concrete crusher machine at all times. Generally, the bearing alloy of the cast bearing bush can work normally only when the temperature is below 100℃. If the temperature is exceeded, the crusher machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. The crusher machine can be used normally only after the fault is completely eliminated.

2. Check whether the lubrication system has good lubrication performance, whether the gear oil pump has a sound of impact, and then check whether the oil volume in the oil tank is sufficient to add oil in time.

3. Keep the concrete crusher machine clean at all times, prevent dust from entering the lubricating system, maintain the normal operation of the equipment, regularly check the use of lubricating oil, and timely replace it.

4. The lubricating oil filter should also be cleaned frequently. After cleaning, it should be completely dried before use. Before using the concrete crusher machine, check whether all parts are firmly fixed to see if the bolts are loose and fasten them in time.

5. When transporting concrete materials into the crusher machine, pay attention not to block the feeding port at all times, feed materials evenly, and maintain the equipment regularly to prolong the service life of the equipment.

Advantages of concrete crusher machine

The equipment configuration scheme for concrete crushing is: vibrating feeder+ concrete crusher machine+ wheel bucket sand washing machine+ belt conveyor. Among them, the concrete crusher machine has the following characteristics when crushing concrete:

1. It can handle hard rock with particle size no more than 60-800mm, and the product particle size is 80% less than 30mm;

2. Large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, convenient maintenance and low operation cost;

3. The product is cubic, and is important crushing equipment for aggregates used in high-grade highway pavement and hydropower industry.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide both fixed concrete crusher machine and mobile concrete crusher machine for customers to choose. And our engineers will recommend suitable equipment for you according to the specific production requirements and the conditions of the production sites. So, if you are interested in the concrete mobile crusher machine, do not hesitate to contact us!

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